Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset

“But the Bible says…”


If you can see a future without me and that doesn’t break your heart then we’re not doing what I thought we were doing here.

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That 70’s show gettin inspirational

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City and Colour - Save Your Scissors
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Title: Save Your Scissors
Artist: City and Colour
Album: Sometimes (2005)


By William James Vincent Broadhurst

Avoiding people. I avoid people that I actually like. I suppose that’s a phobia, but it’s also a habit.
Morrissey, 1984 (when asked what his worst habit was)

You want the sad truth?

Even if I forget you,

I’ll always miss you.

Haiku on Memory [ ] (via tastemeimwasted)


i wanna lie on the floor and not think for a month or two.

Tigers Jaw - Hum
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We always want what is kept from us.
Well maybe I am the liar,
and there is nothing that is left for us.
You are a permanent scar.

Citizen - Tracking Time
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And I hear you’ve ended up fine.

And I’ve heard you’re making out alright.

I’ve heard you still don’t like the cold outside,

And I’ve heard you still got trouble tracking time.

And I heard you said one time,

That I never even fucking cross your mind.

I guess I’ll act like that’s fine,

But you should know that you cross mine all the time.

Basement - Pine
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Tegan and Sara - Alligator
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Tegan & Sara || Alligator

Sensitive, yes it’s true,
Alligator tears cried over you.